by the Mara river
Great Migration


Welcome to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, recently designated as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cheetah Tented Camp is located directly on the annual route of the "Great Migration" near the three famous crossing points of the Mara River. These crossing points are internationally known in multiple documentaries filmed by National Geographic and BBC.

Our camp is located on the banks of the Mara River amongst elephant herds, giraffe buffaloes, hippos, large crocodiles and among several herds of lions, including the Marsh pride and the River pride.


Our camp is situated in the center of the ecosystem and by the Mara river so our guests are in the best location to discover the "Big Five" of Africa. Thousands of wildlife documentaries and countless millions of photographs testify this timeless corner of the world.


Noy only safaris 4x4 can be done in Africa, we offer you a wide range of activites, all of them are included in the final price (ballon safari is noy included). You will enjoy the purest African nature in an environment of great luxury and comfort.

Savanas' Breakfast

Awesome breakfast by the Mara river.

Visit to Manyatta

Visit to Maasai manyatta, you will sign their songs and you'll learn how to make fire.

Safari Walk

Safari walk by the Mara river, you will see hypos, crocodriles and much more.


Safari 4x4, the safest and common way to do a safari.

Ballon safari

Fly over the savana, enjoy the greats colors with the lead Mara river.


The best level of luxury is shown in our restaurant and dining terrace by the river. Our terrace was in the golden times of the safaris place chosen by the white hunters to make their "picnic",due to its extraordinary and bucolic beauty. Our accommodation is a blend of the classic safari tented camp with the amenities that can be enjoyed today



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